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No, this isn’t a fairy tale. We ALL know better than that!

If you’re like myself and my clients, you have endured enough heartbreak, disappointment and your own non-happy-ever-after to want a more reliable solution than Prince Charming!

You’re ready to create your own happy ever after.

Possibly from the outside your life looks pretty ideal, but inside you feel like something’s missing. It’s not that you’re not grateful. You are.

It’s just that you yearn for more.

Or maybe, even though you played by all the rules, you didn’t get the life you planned.

You found yourself divorced or never married, widowed or without children, with no career or not the dream career, married but not happily, alone, overweight, or struggling with money or health challenges…no picket fence…not the life you thought you’d have.

What you’ve come to realize is you’re no longer willing to settle for less than your heart truly wants. Even if you’re not entirely sure what that is yet?

You know you’re done sitting on the sidelines of life, playing small and playing by somebody else’s rules and expectations.

You’re so over over-giving, people-pleasing, self-sacrificing and trying in futility to be perfect, hoping to finally be good enough, to feel the way you want to feel, be seen the way you want to be seen and be loved the way you want to be loved.

You’re ready to LIVE your own happy ever after.

I call this being your own Knightess in Shining Armour. Yes, it requires courage. But you’ve faced harder things!

This journey is about you.

And it’s even more exciting than it sounds! Because there is no other person that is more enchanting to befriend than yourself. I promise.

And you don’t have to do it alone. As your personal Coach I’ll be there right along with you, guiding, supporting, shortening the learning curve and holding you accountable to yourself and your bigger, better, beautiful life ahead.

Coaching is about choosing yourself.

It’s about choosing LOVE of yourself over FEAR of everything else that keeps your life small and unfulfilled.

Truly spectacular shifts, transformations, reinventions and evolutions occur when we realize we are capable of changing our own lives.

When we are given the tools and shown how to use them, we emerge empowered to create new bigger, better more beautiful results in our lives, our relationships and in our relationship with our Self.

As your coach I will ask you questions you have never asked yourself, to access new solutions not previously tapped into.

I will help you identify your blind spots and where you are unconsciously undermining or self-sabotaging yourself and your dreams.

I will help you access your own inner knowing, truth, wisdom, deepest heartfelt desires and ability to create your own happiness by sidestepping the drama of self-doubt, worry, anxiety, guilt and shame to instead grow through the experience of joy and love, rather than difficulty and self-loathing.

It’s our limiting thoughts and beliefs that prevent us from creating and maintaining the life our heart wants.

Coaching is a proven and practical process that teaches you how to tap into your own ability to manage your mind to experience the peace, safety and inner security we all crave and need, to love and be loved well, to dream and create our wildest dreams and to fulfill our truest and best potential.

Coaching is the process I used to transform my own life from brokenness and despair to a life that is bigger, better and more beautiful than I ever previously could have imagined for myself.

I know the power of Coaching to change women’s experience of themselves and their life and I welcome you to join me in experiencing the power of Coaching for yourself.

In my 7 years of being a woman’s life and relationship coach I have had the honor of supporting women in evolving, blossoming and freeing themselves to be loved the way they want to be loved, to live the life they want to live and to be the woman they secretly dreamed of being, the woman they deeply yearned to be…the woman they were meant to be.

To get started creating a future that’s bigger, better and more beautiful than your past, where you get to be the woman you are meant to be, living the life you are meant to have, experiencing the love you desire make sure you have joined my VIP Insider List on the right, EMAIL ME HERE to set up your 15 minute consult then choose the COACHING PROGRAM that is best for you HERE.

Your life is about to get bigger, better and more beautiful! And that’s no fairy tale!  

Talk with you soon!

These sessions with you were truly the most profound and healing experiences of my life. I was shocked because I have worked with therapists and counsellors before but have never been able to let this go. I can’t thank you enough. I felt SO safe. Safe enough to finally let go and let be.

M.V. | British Columbia

I was afraid to do this work. I thought I might be opening Pandora’s Box and that I wouldn’t be able to close it again or I would be too shattered to function. Instead I feel better than I have in nearly a decade! You made the process rewarding and freeing. I can’t say thank you enough.

E.W. | Ontario

Working with you has been a blessing. I’ve been able to speak from my heart with raw, honest emotion and you always provide clear, nonjudgmental feedback that speaks to the truth. You’ve made me feel at ease in an uneasy situation. Thank you.

R.M. | British Columbia

I feel like the clouds have been lifted and for the first time ever I am so excited for my better, brighter future! Thank you for helping me see something I couldn’t see before.

K.B. | New York

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