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3 Ways to Step Out of Stress & Struggle NOW Cheat Sheet
Take immediate control of your joy with these 3 simple, doable, effective and instant stress-release mindsets

If you’re a woman who tends to blame yourself and believe you’re flawed and that’s why your life’s not going the way you’d like or the reason you’re single or divorced or never married or why your marriage or your finances are struggling…then come on in! Kick your shoes off, grab a comfy chair and let’s get to know one another.

I’m Jodi Scott. Life and Relationship Coach for women ready to take their life back from settling to be who they want and have what they want. I work with women like you who are exceptional at making others happy, but don’t know how to make themselves happy. Women who are ready to ditch the skilled people-pleaser role and show up FULLY for themselves.

We work together to clear fears, self-doubt and personal blocks to get clarity on what YOU want and then create the steps and the courageous action to make it happen.

So that you can stop feeling like you’ve lived your life without actually living. So that you can KNOW what you want and what you need to start experiencing a life that FEELS GOOD TO LIVE, where you get to fulfill YOUR OWN dreams and make YOUR desires a reality.

If you’re a woman who…

  • is amazing at looking after everyone else, but not so good at caring for yourself
  • finds it hard to ask for help, but consistently over-extends yourself to help others
  • is a giver, but is uncomfortable receiving even when you’d really like the support
  • feels guilty and selfish and the need to justify your actions and choices when doing anything for yourself
  • quickly shelves your plans to accommodate other’s agendas even at an inconvenience or personal sacrifice to yourself
  • automatically says “I’m fine” even though you’re anything BUT fine and in fact may be silently struggling alone

A woman who…

  • has been responsible from an early age
  • feels worn out and resentful from years, maybe decades of self-sacrifice, people-pleasing and perfectionism
  • struggles with anxiety, worry, fear, insecurity, self-doubt, self-blame, shame or self-loathing
  • experiences secret envy of others who seem to KNOW what they want and get it
  • feels like you’ve lost yourself and that life is passing you by
  • has suffered heartbreak, disappointment or loss and often feels alone in your struggle
  • keeps this all to yourself to not burden others or make waves or to protect yourself

Then know that I SO UNDERSTAND you and you’re in the right place.


If you’re like myself and so many of my clients who have invested years, decades even, believing you were broken or flawed or not good enough and therefore not deserving of a spectacularly beautiful life, I want to assure you NOTHING is farther from the truth. You are MORE than enough. You are MOST deserving of everything your heart desires. The very fact YOUR heart desires it means it is MEANT for YOU.

But none of that matters unless you KNOW what your heart truly wants and BELIEVE it’s possible for you and that you’re worthy and deserving of EVERY gorgeous bit of it! And together that is EXACTLY what I help you do!

As your personal coach I help you…

  • understand your needs and know what you want so you can give yourself permission to fulfill them without guilt, compromise or apology
  • identify and reset the beliefs that undermine your self-confidence and keep you stuck and repeating painful patterns so you can see new possibility and potential to believe in yourself and your abilities
  • free yourself from the need to people-please, self-sacrifice and be perfect to instead make yourself a priority and begin to experience your own happiness and consequently healthier relationships
  • let go of feeling that you’re not good enough or never do enough to experience the self-acceptance and appreciation to KNOW it’s not what you DO but WHO you are – your irreplaceability – that makes you undeniably valuable and worthy
  • take back your power from any situation or person you believe has it to no longer feel like a victim but the owner of your personal power and destiny
  • release fear and anxiety to feel safe and trust in yourself so you can make decisions you feel good and certain about

And give you support to…

  • take your life off hold and press the PLAY button to begin experiencing new found joy, passion for life, abundance, blessings, fun, freedom, fulfillment and a new self appreciation
  • step out of your familiar but limiting comfort zone to own your ability to take bold and courageous steps to grow, heal, reinvent yourself, mend or end a relationship, rebuild your life after loss, divorce, illness or betrayal, make the first move, have the last word, walk away, stay, ask for what you need, get what you want, be the woman you want to be, realize your dreams and desires, love yourself and your life
  • get the LIFE and the LOVE you want

To get started…

Make sure you’ve got your copy of the 3 Ways to Step Out of Stress and Struggle NOW Cheat Sheet. Because the very first step to BEING WHO you want and HAVING WHAT you want starts with feeling SAFE NOT STRESSED in your life.

In the 3 Ways to Step Out of Stress and Struggle NOW Cheat Sheet I share three practical and very effective mind shifts that will help you to immediately take your power back from stress to step into a better state of mind to immediately feel calmer, more in control and safer within yourself and in your life.

So grab these super powerful tools for yourself in the 3 Ways to Step Out of Stress and Struggle NOW Cheat Sheet HERE.


SCHEDULE YOUR 15 MINUTE PERSONAL DISCOVERY CALL HERE where we’ll talk about how we can work together to make all of this possible for you!

I know you’re a Do-It-Yourselfer. I love that about you. And that determination and independence has served you well and gotten you to this point. But take it from another fiercely independent DIYer, you DO NOT NEED TO CARRY THE LOAD ALL BY YOURSELF. In fact, you shouldn’t.

Everything you know how to do, you’ve done it already.

I know that because you’re not a quitter. Everything you know how to do has carried you this far.

To get beyond where your life is right now…beyond struggle, settling, suffering silently alone or repeating disappointing patterns or even falling into cyclical black holes of hopelessness and depression.

You need to learn NEW coping mechanisms, NEW life and relationship skills, NEW mindset strategies and practical, doable action that will elevate your life to the NEXT level – the DESIRED LEVEL!

I’ve walked the road to the DESIRED LEVEL. I know the shortcuts…and the landmines…what works and what doesn’t…and I’ve got the Leather(wo)man of tools and strategies to support you in getting from WHERE you are now to WHERE you want to be and from WHO you are now to WHO you want to be.

Accepting support does not make you weak or incompetent. Trust me, you’re still going to be doing the work here! Taking the step to get support and learn what you don’t already KNOW is the turning point to making your life all that you desire.

You’re about to take your life back. To be the woman you WANT to be, HAVING the life and relationships you desire! And I’m ridiculously excited to help you do it!

To start experiencing the life you desire…


Still uncertain?

I get it. Every client, including myself has felt the fear of taking the leap from the familiar into the unknown. Yet I’ve never had a client tell me she regretted it. Only that she wished she hadn’t spent so long giving into fear, being more afraid of the happiness she DIDN’T KNOW, than the settling, suffering, compromise or misery she was familiar with.

And I know exactly what she means. I was once a fearful and anxious woman who let the fear of change and the unknown keep me from experiencing the happiness, love and self-acceptance I so deeply desired and needed.

The price for letting fear keep me small was that I wasn’t REALLY living my life! I was not getting to BE WHO I want or HAVE WHAT I want in MY life.

Which is why I’m so committed and passionate now to spare you the cost and the heartache of letting fear cheat you of being the woman you want to be, having the life and love you desire. So for the love-of-gorgeous-shoes and for your own desired quality of life…pleazzze do NOT let the fear of change hold you back! You’ve come SO far…all the way to the end of our lovely talk…each of us in our comfy chairs…to give UP or INTO FEAR now.

Because we both know that there comes a time when the pain of staying small and fearful and limited and ignoring the nudges from our heart and gut that something has to change…becomes too damn painful! And that the only thing worse than being in this pain now is STILL being in this pain six weeks, six months or a year from now.

You can change that. And your Future-Self will love you for it and be doin’ the cha-cha-slide that you decided to become the woman who KNOWS what you want, to BE WHO you want and HAVE WHAT you want in YOUR extraordinary life.

We’ll do this together…

Schedule your 15 MINUTE PERSONAL DISCOVERY CALL HERE and let’s get started!

I’m excited to talk with you! And for ALL the discoveries you will make about yourself and ALL the ways you’re going to FEEL SO GOOD BEING YOU and LIVING YOUR LIFE!!

“These sessions with you were truly the most profound and healing experiences of my life. I was shocked because I have worked with therapists and counsellors before but have never been able to let this go. I can’t thank you enough. I felt SO safe. Safe enough to finally let go and let be.” – M.V. | British Columbia
“I was afraid to do this work. I thought I might be opening Pandora’s Box and that I wouldn’t be able to close it again or I would be too shattered to function. Instead I feel better than I have in nearly a decade! You made the process rewarding and freeing. I can’t say thank you enough.” – E.W. | Ontario
“Working with you has been a blessing. I’ve been able to speak from my heart with raw, honest emotion and you always provide clear, nonjudgmental feedback that speaks to the truth. You’ve made me feel at ease in an uneasy situation. Thank you.” – R.M. | British Columbia
“I feel like the clouds have been lifted and for the first time ever I am so excited for my better, brighter future! Thank you for helping me see something I couldn’t see before.” – K.B. | New York