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  1. Make it a policy that ONLY items and objects that bring you Let Your Bdrm Love You 1ABSOLUTE JOY may cross the threshold into your safe and serene sanctuary.
  2. Invest in a quality mattress – it supports and loves you EVERY night of your life – let that be good quality lovin’!
  3. Retire your bedroom pillows for new supportive pillows – memory gel pillows are especially loving.
  4. Love yourself with minimum 400 thread count Egyptian cotton sheets – there is no finer love!
  5. Remove the clutter from your bedside table and replace it with framed photos or objects that delight you upon waking to delight you upon waking to begin every morning seeing something you love that loves you back.
  6. Place a soft, plush area rug next to your bed to love your EVERY morning and EVERY evening with your first and last step of the day.
  7. Use soft wall colors, neutral bedding and accent with your favorite colors that love you back with throw pillows and textured, layered blankets.
  8. Clean out your closet by taking EVERYTHING out of it and ONLY putting back what is an absolute Yes! To two questions: 1) Do I ABSOLUTELY love myself when I wear this? 2) Does it love me back – does it fit? Is it the right color? The right fabric? There is no room for a one-sided relationship here – if it don’t love you back – let it go.
  9. Make your bed EVERY morning – nothing says “You matter. And you are loved” more than a beautifully made bed greeting you at the end of your day.



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