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Are You ANTI-Dependent?

I’m a single woman. A solo-parent. I own my own house. At Christmas I climb on said house to hang my own Christmas lights. I clean the gutters out in the fall and pressure wash the siding in the spring. I do what needs to get done. Myself. Maybe you do...

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10 Ways to Let Your Bedroom Love You

Make it a policy that ONLY items and objects that bring you ABSOLUTE JOY may cross the threshold into your safe and serene sanctuary. Invest in a quality mattress – it supports and loves you EVERY night of your life – let that be good quality lovin’!...

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How to Free Yourself of Guilt and Shame

Like many of my clients, I experienced disapproving looks and comments as a child that taught me to feel guilt and shame about who I was and what I did.  Maybe you experienced the same? Until I learned what guilt and shame are and how they work, the truth...

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Is it…You the Boss?? or You the Boss!!

There is an irrefutable law of living and that is: we are all responsible for our own life. But many of us have given that responsibility away like it was a hot potato we didn’t want to hang onto. We made others responsible for our happiness...

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Do You Deserve Happiness?

“I have worked so hard to be happy” my client said in despair.* “I did everything right. I did all the things that are supposed to make a happy life. I went to University, worked hard to get the position I have in my career, I married my college boyfriend...

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