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Are You Giving Your Power Away to This?

In session Chelsea* spoke of being extremely exhausted and drained despite it being a very normal day and a typical week. She described it as a feeling of heaviness that was weighing her down and making her feel tired. Using mind-body mindfulness and cognitive...

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Decadent Chocolate and a Shortcut to Feel Better

It goes without saying you could use more decadent chocolate in your life...what about a shortcut to feeling better? It’s not that things are disastrous in your life, it’s just that you could use you know what it is you want more of?,...

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5 Strategies for Creating What You Want

In last Thursday’s FREE CALL How to Manifest Miracles and Make Change (LISTEN TO IT HERE)  I talked about how to use the power of your mind and emotions to co-create with the laws of the Universe to connect with and draw into your life the things and experiences you...

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Are You Cheating Yourself of Happiness?

There is healthy self-control and then there is taking Delayed Gratification too the point of cheating ourselves of happiness. We all learned Delayed Gratification from an early age. We couldn’t have the cookie until we put away our toys. We couldn’t go out...

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Step-By-Step Guide to Vision Boards

In this Step-By-Step Guide to Vision Boards that Work I am going to give you the three step process that makes creating a Vision Board simple and fun while generating effective results. Quick Tip: if you haven't sure to read My Top 10 Secrets for How to...

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How to Make a Vision Board that Works

Since The Secret made Vision Boards popular many people became enamoured with the idea of creating a poster board of all their dreams, desires and fantasies and seeing them magically manifest. Just as many became disillusioned when their dreams and desires didn’t come...

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Wanting Clarity in 2015?

I’ve got THREE QUESTIONS that will help you ACCESS CLARITY as you close the chapter on 2014 and open a new chapter titled 2015 in the life story that is YOU. Clarity Question #1 What have you learned about your Self in 2014? Don’t be afraid to brag it up here! Post in...

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How to STOP STRESS from Getting the BEST of YOU

Do you experience anxiety? Are there times when you feel overwhelmed and powerless to change certain circumstances in your life? In these times of high stress you may be giving the BEST of YOURSELF over to stress where it quickly overpowers you leading you down a path...

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Elizabeth Gilbert Made Me Cry in Seattle

I’m back from Oprah and as promised I brought back insights and inspiration from the Oprah The Life You Want Weekend™ to share with you. The first bit of inspiration I want to share with you came from Elizabeth Gilbert. By now most of you are familiar with Elizabeth...

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I’m Going To See Oprah!

I’m heading to Seattle with “My Gayle” Jana, or maybe I’m her Gail – we’ve been each other’s life witness since we were seven so we’ve both been each other’s “Gayle” at times and this IS one of those times!!! We’re off to see Oprah for The Life You Want Weekend™...

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