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The Desire Map is for those ready to make true and lasting change in their lives, relationships, health, career and prosperity.

The Desire Map is a proven process developed by international bestselling Vancouver author Danielle LaPorte that reliably dissolves confusion, struggle and indecision to get to the heart of what you truly want and what genuinely matters to you to begin creating new and fulfilling results in every area of your life.

If you are feeling unfulfilled, stuck experiencing the same challenges, at a cross-road or frustrated and craving change you will leave this weekend workshop clear, inspired, seeing yourself and your life in a new light, excited for all the possibility that awaits you. With your own personal Desire Map as your reliable guidepost you will begin to experience your life in new and desired ways with satisfying results!

The Desire Map Weekend Workshop will benefit you if you…

  • are confused as to what you want
  • are feeling unsettled, overwhelmed or discouraged
  • feel struck, conflicted or indecisive
  • find yourself at a cross-road
  • are feeling unfulfilled or that something in your life is missing
  • feel alone in your struggle
  • have felt guilty or selfish for wanting more for your Self
  • sometimes doubt it is possible to have what you want
  • tend to sacrifice or downplay your needs and desires
  • suppress your feelings
  • have tried to make change before but the results didn’t last
  • are ready for change and ready for better…but you don’t know to make it happen

The Desire Map Workshop is for you if you are NO LONGER WILLING to…

  • exist in confusion, ambivalence, self-doubt or powerlessness
  • play small
  • let the inner critic defeat you or sabotage your right to a joyful life
  • accept that this is all there is and as good as it gets for you
  • let fear, worry or anxiousness impact your happiness
  • deny yourself…ANYMORE of what your heart truly desires
  • live passively going through the motions expecting ‘the other shoe to drop’ accepting struggle, mediocrity and complacency as the way it is supposed to be
  • squander one more minute of your precious life feeling less-than-truly-excited to BE YOU

The Desire Map Workshop is for you if you want…

  • clarity
  • to know your true desires…to honor, nurture, protect them and go forward leading your life with them
  • to feel good in your life…period.

Danielle Laporte 1“When you get clear on how you actually want to feel in your life — and then you design your life around those desires it’s a powerful formula. With that kind of inner clarity and outer action you’ll feel the way you want to feel more often than not. Decisions will be easier to make: You’ll know what to say no, thank you to and what to say hell yes! to. I bet you’ll complain less. You’ll be more optimistic, more open-hearted. It will be easier for you to return to your center in the midst of a challenge — I promise”.           Danielle LaPorte

The Desire Map Workshop is for you if you are ready…

  • for change
  • to design your destiny
  • to trade struggle in for satisfaction
  • to truly know and like your Self
  • to learn how to tap into and allow the flow of good into your life
  • for your life to be truly-REALLY-once-and-for-all different…better…no more repeating the past and getting more of the same

In short…The Desire Map Workshop is for you because…you know there has to be a better way…and you are ready to claim it!

You will leave The Desire Map Workshop with:DM Core DEsired Feelings

  • Your three to seven Core Desired Feelings
  • A new understanding of your needs and how to simply, practically nurture them to feel fulfilled on a daily, consistent and reliable basis
  • A simple, practical and invaluable tool you can continue to use daily to upgrade your experience of YOUR life from sport to luxury model, from unconscious auto-pilot to Conscious Captain of your own destiny, from mediocre to meaningful, from roller-coaster-emotions to consistently, reliably feeling the way YOU want to feel.

The Desire Map process IS THE GAME CHANGER

After the experience of The Desire Map Workshop you are going love BEING YOU living YOUR life. That is a big promise I know. And I stand by it. When you carve this time out of your life to allow The Desire Map process to guide you supportively, eloquently through a deep heart dive and soul exploration to discover your Core Desired Feelings it’s like finding a significant piece of yourself that was missing.

It’s coming home to your Self.

And suddenly you are no longer confused or ambivalent, you are clear, decisive, focused, absolute…and excited for your possibility and choices and…it feels SO good to be YOU living YOUR life.

If you are ready to know your Self, to know your desires and begin living and leading your life with the intention and clarity of your Core Desired Feelings I invite you to join me for the next The Desire Map Level 1 Workshop…DM Recording Icon


If you are interested in getting the details for the next upcoming Desire Map Workshop EMAIL ME HERE expressing your interest and I will keep you posted for the next Desire Map Experience.

The DESIRE MAP Weekend Workshop March 7th & 8th was Sponsored By Dr. Shelby Etner and the Team at:Vero Health Clinic Logo 1

Kerry MacLeod2I have worked with Danielle before and love her stuff and Jodi has been my life coach for several years and makes total sense to me always. Jodi teaching The Desire Map is going to be a great weekend!

Kerry MacLeod –


The wildly popular Desire Map brand, which has expanded to include hands-on facilitated workshops, fit(s) perfectly into Jodi’s repertoire because it deals with emotion—her passion and Alana Mariespecialty. According to Jodi, many of us have become disconnected from our emotions, trudging through our days on auto-pilot, wondering how to feel alive again. Meanwhile, in our subconscious, we’re lugging around a massive suitcase full of blocked emotion that is often the root cause of our suffering and dissatisfactionCONTINUE READING…

Alana Marie –


Kaylin England cropped resizedThe Desire Map Workshop with Jodi Scott was a worthwhile experience that helped me learn a tool I can use to feel good within myself. It helped me focus on the desired feelings I need in my life and how I am the only one who can choose to feel those feelings. I really enjoyed that we were able to learn about the others in the group and about ourselves and that even though we were working deep within, it was a positive and safe environment. I think it was a great experience and I have told my friends about it and recommended it to others already.

Kaylin England


Shailene Woodley Vanity FairShailene Woodley star of The Fault In Our Stars praises The Desire Map saying in her recent Vanity Fair interview The Desire Map is “charting the things that you want in life, and not just sitting back and saying, “I’m going to manifest this…here’s how,” but actively doing something to manifest your dream.” Read the full article here.




morning starIf you find yourself wanting to make a change in your life but not knowing how, relationship coach and life strategist Jodi Scott invites you to discover your genuine desires and learn how to harness them to begin creating new results in your life, relationship, health, wealth and career with The Desire Map. Continue reading…

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Q & A

Q. Who is The Desire Map for?

A. The Desire Map is for every woman (and those evolved gents) who want clarity and are ready to make their life satisfaction and fulfillment a priority. The Desire Map is for those who want to truly know their own truth and their own needs, who are ready to stop apologizing for and minimizing what is genuinely important to them and learn a simple but revolutionary tool that will open up a whole new experience of getting the most out of their life. The Desire Map is for those whose life is so busy, fast paced, demanding or in limbo that they are unable to determine on their own how they really want to feel. Ultimately the Desire Map is for those who are ready to cultivate a loving, respectful and intimate relationship with themselves as their own best ally to lead their life with clarity, conscious intention, confidence and DESIRE to know what they want and how to get it.


Q. I’m a private person. Will I have to share my inner most feelings in this workshop?

A. I’m not going to BS you we are doing deep and meaningful work in this weekend workshop. Things will shift. You will be lighter leaving than when you arrived.  There will be Eureka’s and Aha’s and tears of joy and release…AND…The Desire Map Weekend Workshop is a safe and sacred space for everyone where you will be invited to expand your comfort zone but you will NEVER be forced to share anything you don’t want to. Sharing is optional. I promise.


Q. I have never read The Desire Map book. Will I understand and get something out of this workshop?

A. Absolutely! Having read The Desire Map book is not a requirement. The Desire Map Weekend Workshop is a stand-alone, deep dive yet light hearted guided immersion into Danielle LaPorte’s The Desire Map book that benefits from the synergy of the group, the setting and the heart-centered leadership from moi!


Q. I have read The Desire Map book/been in a book club. Will I get anything more from this workshop?

A. Yes you will! The Desire Map Weekend Workshop will take you beyond the black and white of the page to an experiential exploration into the heart of what you truly want. It is a tangible, hands-on experience in a safe and sacred environment carved out of the noise of your day-to-day life that is time devoted to you and your personal exploration of what you need to feel more whole and at peace, what you value, what matters to you and how you can begin to make choices and decisions with clarity and confidence that will have you directing your intention and energy toward what uplifts and nourishes you and your experience of your life, relationships, body, career, creativity and essence.


Q. I am in the midst of a major life transition and feeling confused, scattered and emotionally raw. Is this Desire Map Weekend Workshop for me?

A. More than ever! This is not about showing up polished and perfect, this is about showing up real and honest and getting what you need. You will be supported and cheered and leave this experience feeling like you reclaimed parts of yourself you had long forgotten or never realized existed. It will be an inner celebration of sorts…and you don’t want to miss that curled up at home in your favorite blanket devouring Ben & Jerry’s from the bucket. Bring the blanket…and the Ben & Jerry’s…and your shaky self and show up to be nourished by the experience. Your future self will thank you for it.


Q. What if I don’t get to the reason I signed up for this workshop and leave feeling like I should have just stayed home and read the book?

A. If you show up 100% for this workshop curious, willing to dive into the work and open to self discovery you will get everything you signed up for and more. There is no way you will leave this experience feeling the way you would feel simply staying home reading the book.


Q. My life feels pretty amazing right now. Will this workshop benefit me?

A. Yes! The Desire Map Weekend Workshop will help you define why your life is working so well and how you can continue that momentum and expand it into every area of your life to continue to flourish and thrive and experience more of what you already love and more of what you still want.


Q. What if I get so clear about what I want that I want to change my whole life? And what if I’m not ready for that?

A. The Desire Map Weekend Workshop is a safe and sequential process that meets you where you are and helps you to align to your deepest needs and aspirations and because they are personal to you – you can trust that whatever change you feel inspired to make it will be within your control at your own pace and comfort and always for your greatest good on your own time frame. Clarity and desire will be the fuel you will use to ignite comfortable change and you will find you will be intent to do so.


Q. What is included in the workshop?

A. You will receive your personal Desire Map Workbook included in your registration as well there will be a selection of herbal teas available, decadent chocolate, unconditional support, raucous laughter, unbound joy and sisterhood energy that will buoy and uplift you and make you grateful and proud to be there having this transformative experience all in a fantastic, bright, welcoming and comfortable environment.


Q. What should I bring to the workshop?

A. More information will be sent out with your registration but to get you started please dress comfortably (truly! We aren’t here to impress, we are here to progress!) so that means bring your slippers, a shawl, scarf or blanket, your favorite pen, a journal if you would like to take additional notes outside The Desire Map Workbook, and although tea will be available and there will be morning and afternoon breaks and a lunch break to give you the opportunity to take advantage of the many great lunch spots and coffee houses in the downtown core you are also welcome to bring your own snacks, lunch and cappuccino or latte. In short, if it adds to your comfort then bring it.


Q. Where is the workshop being held?

A. The weekend workshop is taking place upstairs at the Vero Health Clinic at 2915 28th avenue in downtown Vernon BC.  A map will be included in your confirmation details.


Q. What is the refund policy?

A. Because The Desire Map Weekend Workshop is an in-depth specialized offering that requires extensive preparation your seat is non-refundable. To make your decision if The Desire Map Weekend Workshop is for you take a deep breath and gently ask yourself “If I loved and trusted myself would I do this for myself? Is it what my heart most needs right now?” And if it is, then step into it with grace and trust and show up ready to be uplifted and nourished by the experience and receive the gifts that are inherent in the process and that you are ready to receive. And if this is not the right time for you, trust that equally.


Q. This is a big investment for me right now. Are there scholarships or sliding scales available?

A. No there are no scholarships or sliding scales available for The Desire Map Weekend Workshop but if needed I am happy to offer a payment plan. Simply send me an email and we will get you set up. You are also welcome to share this experience with a friend. Using the special friend rate you can both attend for $150 or three of you for $125 each. If beyond that, price is your hesitation then now is probably not the right time for us to work together. I have facilitated transformational workshops and retreats and coached hundreds of private clients to experience a new found personal freedom that elevated their lives, their relationships and their ability to create, lead and love themselves and their life. The Desire Map Weekend Workshop is an invaluable immersion into that experience. I promise your life will be made better, richer more fulfilling from this experience. How much is that worth to you?


Q. What if my plans change after I register and I can no longer attend the workshop?

A. As The Desire Map Weekend Workshop is non-refundable should your plans change and you are unable to attend the workshop you are welcome to 1) Apply your registration to a future workshop, retreat or online program or 2) Give or sell your ticket to someone else. The bottom line is this is a courageous step. Getting intimate with desire always is. And it is ALWAYS worth it. Every. Time. Good and glorious things will come from looking desire in the eye, welcoming her back into your heart and soul, making a place for her in your life as your confidant and co-conspirator. You will ignite change, inner shifts, new perspective, fun, adventure and genuine, authentic joy that YOU get to be YOU, living YOUR life! And that is an experience you don’t want to miss!

Should you have further questions please email me and I will be happy to answer.


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