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Clarity is the first essential step to manifesting miracles and making change. You need to be clear on what your INTENTION is – WHAT you want and WHY you want it.

Clarity is essential because if you don’t know WHAT you want how can the Universe?

I liken this to the analogy of being in a restaurant – until you make a clear decision on what you want –the kitchen cannot start cooking it for you.

The Universe works the same way. Until you get really clear on WHAT you want to experience – the Universe cannot begin delivering it to you.

The Universe DOES NOT INTERPRET it simply connects like energy with like energy – so if you’re UNCLEAR about what you want to feel and experience in your life, relationships, health, wealth or career – you will be connecting to things you DON’T want.

You must be very clear and resolute about WHAT it is you want and WHY in order to allow the Universe to use the Universal Law of Attraction – like energy attracts like energy – to connect that to you.

The tell-tale sign that you are NOT CLEAR on YOUR INTENTION:

You’re experiencing a lot of confusion, chaos, frustration and experiences you don’t want in your life or relationships.

In this case you need to be willing to look at what you are truly emitting with your thoughts and emotions to avoid sending confusing and contradicting energy patterns into the Universal field.

This effective TOOL will help you see what you’re emitting with your THOUGTHS and EMOTIONS:

Look at your thoughts and emotions from the Universe’s perspective rather than your own. Imagine that you are the Universe listening to what you say all day and your job is simply to connect like energy to like energy – what are you connecting to with your thoughts and emotions?

For example: If you’re repetitively thinking to yourself “I need” – the Universe does not deliver what you need – it delivers you more experiences to need.

So if you’re thinking “I need love” or “I need money”  or “I need to be a size 6” the Universe will keep delivering to you experiences to need love, to need money or to need to be a size 6 but it will NOT deliver you love, money or being a size 6.

The Universe can only connect like energy to like energy  – so it is connecting your energy of “need” to the energy of “need” and so you continue to need. It cannot connect your energy of “need” to the connection of “being” – the two are not a vibrational match – they are not the same energetic frequency.

You must emit the energy of “being” to connect to the energy of “being.” The energy of “being” is created through connecting to the EMOTION you will feel as a RESULT of having love, money or being a size 6.

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