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The solution to any struggle, discontent, unfulfillment, victimhood, emptiness, void in your life is to re-connect to your own power. But when I say this people can get uneasy.

They’re afraid of their own power because they learned early on their power intimidated people or caused others to reject, abandon, criticize or condemn them as in “Who do you think you are?” or “A little big for your britches aren’t you?” or “We’re not going to play with you!

So they learned to shun their power for fear of the consequences and repercussions of wielding this mighty power.

They dimmed their light. They zipped their lip and grit their teeth to hold the words in…and smiled politely…and power-less.

Then… discovered that didn’t get them the results they thought it would. They still felt empty, unanchored, like something important was amiss.

Their power was calling to them.

To take the fear out of this reunion I find it’s helpful to re-frame the way we think about our power to make it feel like something that is approachable and safe.

To do this think of all the things you sense your power may be. Make a list. Free write without judgement or comment My power is…

And what you will see is that your power is NOT intimidating or threatening – it’s your truth, your joy, your heartbeat, your breath, your inner light, your life force, your essence. It is an essential part of you.

And to lead a life that is fulfilling, a life that fills you, you must have all the parts of yourself. Your happiness depends on your wholeness, not your perfection, but the wholeness of all your parts including the essential part of you that is your power.

The important word here is your. It is your power.

You came into this world with it – it is yours.

And it only matters what YOU do with it. It only matters what YOU believe about it.

Your power is NEVER about anyone else. It’s ALL About YOU Baby!

Know it. Own it. Wield it. Let is shine. Because when you shine your power for YOU – you make the world brighter and better for all of us!

Take a moment to write down what your power is. Things we don’t understand can make us fearful. So take some time to really consider what your power is to YOU. This simple exercise will have you considering your power with a new light!

Shine on Beautiful One!

Let me know in the comments below or email me what you discovered YOUR power is to YOU. I will celebrate with you!!

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