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A life Bigger, Better and more Beautiful than your past? A life that YOU love that loves you back? A life that nurtures YOU and YOUR dreams? A life with less struggle and more joy, ease, love and laughter?

What is it your heart truly needs? …Do you know? …Do you know what to do about it? …Do you want to?

This 4 Week LIFE DESIGN Online Class is for You If You…

  • You want more out of YOUR life
  • You’re at a cross-road or ready for change but you don’t know WHAT change or HOW to create the change you want
  • You feel frustrated and that somethings got to give and you’re ready for that turning point to happen
  • You feel it would take a miracle to make things better
  • You’ve been through difficult or challenging experiences and you’re ready to get your confidence and life back
  • You’re tired of going through the motions and feeling like “This is all there is?”

This Online Class Will Benefit You If…

  • it’s been so long since you EVEN considered what you might want, that you’re not quite sure what even DOES make you happy
  • you’re life isn’t what you want it to be

If you…

  • tend to limit your own joy because of beliefs it’s selfish or self-centered, egotistical or unfair to others
  • are tired of fear dictating your choices and limiting your life
  • don’t want your future to be a repeat of your past
  • are ready to start living the life you have put on hold

If You Have…

  • trouble making yourself and your needs a priority
  • experienced guilt, shame or criticism for your dreams or desires

If You Have Been…

  • so focused on the happiness and success of others that it never occurred to you or didn’t feel like a practical or acceptable option to think about your own happiness, dreams, needs or desires
  • through significant change and you’re facing the unknown and you want support, guidance and strategies to navigate it and to NOT have to walk this unknown territory alone or unequipped

In the 4 Week Bigger, Better, Beautiful Life DESIGN Online Class


  • are accompanying tools & strategies that take each of the 5 Steps to Creating A Bigger, Better, Beautiful Life Vision & personalize it to YOUR life
  • is personal guidance for HOW to implement these steps and put them into practice in YOUR life to create the Bigger, Better, Beautiful life results YOU want

You will get…

  • to Ask the Empowering Questions shared in the 5 Steps to Creating A Bigger, Better, Beautiful Life Vision Free Webinar  plus additional questions to create REAL shifts in your thinking that take you beyond what you previously imagined possible for yourself and your life
  • real support putting Surrendering Resistance and Choosing to Trust into practice to bring greater ease and satisfying results to your life and relationships
  • tools and techniques to Stop Comparing yourself to others to free yourself of its undermining and debilitating effects in your relationship with your Self, others and your life

You will…

  • learn practical strategies for Taking 100% Responsibility to stop going through the motions of life and instead experience real freedom, choice and joy
  • put into practice the skill of Establishing Intention and Alignment to co-design your desired life and relationship results
  • uncover any unconscious BELIEFS sabotaging your ability to create your Bigger, Better, Beautiful life
  • get new, innovative and effective Life Design Tools to apply to each area of your life to ensure EVERY area of your life is enriched and supporting your Bigger, Better, Beautiful Life Vision
  • DESIGN YOUR Bigger, Better, Beautiful Life Vision – a life vision that nurtures you and supports your dreams and desires…and you’ll IMPLEMENT IT!

This 4 Week Bigger, Better Beautiful LIFE DESIGN Online Class is For You If You Are Ready to…

  • clear away confusion and create real clarity and conviction of what your heart truly wants and what you need to be sure you’re getting what you came to this life to get
  • discover what  NOURISHES YOU and how to allow, ask and make space for it in your life and relationships
  • counter the “Shoulds” that are limiting your joy, passion, creativity, well-being and self-expression
  • discover parts of yourself you’ve forgotten and free parts of yourself that have been waiting for their turn and their time

If You Are Ready to..

  • BE a woman who draws to herself what she desires – relationships, love, experiences, opportunities, things – because you no longer believe ‘it’s wrong’ for YOU to RECEIVE what YOU desire
  • BE intentional about HOW you’re living your life and relationships to get the MOST out of life and love
  • live a life where you get to be THE MOST YOURSELF
  • create your own signature BIGGER, BETTER, BEAUTIFUL life

You will Receive:

  • Your own Personal Printable Work & Design Book
  • 4 Weekly Web Classes to share your progress, ask questions and get support
  • 4 weeks of new tools & strategies for designing your Bigger, Better, Beautiful life

As a Result of The BBB LIFE DESIGN Class You will:

  • Discover what YOUR Bigger, Better, Beautiful life MEANS to YOU
  • Learn how to take each of the 5 Steps to Creating Your Bigger, Better, Beautiful Life Vision and put them into practice in YOUR life to create a life that nurtures YOU and supports YOUR dreams and desires
  • Get the guidance, encouragement and accountability to make real and significant uplifting change
  • Experience more comfort, fun, joy, satisfaction and fulfillment in your life and relationships
  • KNOW within YOURSELF that everything BIGGER, BETTER and more BEAUTIFUL you desire is meant for you…You Will DESIGN A Life YOU Love that Loves YOU Back!

It Begins September 7th for Four Consecutive Thursdays: September 7, 14, 21 & 28th

@ 6 pm PST Online

Class is attended from the comfort of your own computer with login details emailed the week before class