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There is an irrefutable law of living and that is: we are all responsible for our own life.

But many of us have given that responsibility away like it was a hot potato we didn’t want to hang onto. We made others responsible for our happiness because at one time we’ve had the experience or been led to believe we were undeserving or incapable of creating our own happiness.

Maybe you had that power taken away from you at a young age or maybe you gave it away to appease someone all in an attempt to avoid painful consequences, to be loved, accepted or to belong.  That’s called survival. And you did it! So celebrate that.

But now you want more than just to survive, you want to thrive.

Then know this; that was then, and this is now. And right now you have the choice to decide to take your happiness back into your own control and become the designer of it.

The truth is whatever your situation is right now; you DID play a major role in creating it, even if that role was passing off the responsibility to someone else. Maybe not the words you wanted to hear, but like the choices you made in the past got you here, the choices you make today will create your tomorrow. Here’s why: YOU are the single biggest influence in your life.

No one else is with you 100% of your life from birth to death, but YOU. YOU and ONLY YOU are the boss of your happiness. Run with it! Own it! Design it to YOUR desires. Because it is ALL YOURS. You and ONLY YOU are responsible for your life. And that is the BEST news EVER!!!

If you ever believed you weren’t the boss of your life or that someone else controlled your choices, possibility or happiness, I want you to know that was BS – a Belief System that was utterly false bullshit. YOU’RE the BOSS! Your happiness is YOURS! And rather than let that responsibility scare you, let it excite and inspire you. Dream and conspire outside the lines! Hey you make the rules!

You the Boss!!

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