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Uncertainty can be a serious cause of stress.

When Jen’s* relationship ended she felt like the ground had fallen out from under her. She didn’t know who she was anymore now that she was no longer Bryan’s wife or a married woman or a stay-at-home mom or a daughter-in-law to a woman she considered her own mom.

The labels she used to define herself had fallen away. The future she had thought would be hers had disintegrated.

She was in the land of NO LONGER and NOT YET where her life was NO LONGER what it was, but NOT YET what it is going to become.

The uncertainty of who she was now and who she’d be in the future was causing her tremendous stress.  

Jen felt like she had landed in a foreign land where she didn’t speak the language and didn’t have a map.

To navigate this new land Jen was going to need new strategies – because what she knew how to do in her old life wasn’t applicable or beneficial here in her new life.

To immediately begin to alleviate Jen’s stress and help her get her bearings and her feet back under her I began our work together using a very specific and effective tool called “I am…” statements.

We used “I am…” statements to CREATE the STATE of calm clarity and reassurance that Jen needed to begin to see what was still true about her even though she’d experienced the significant change of divorce. This gave Jen comfort to recognize things about her and her life that were familiar that she could take forward into her new life.

Additionally we worked together using the“I am…” statements to begin to define WHO, WHAT and HOW Jen WANTED to BE in this new life going forward. With this vision Jen was able to start to see new possibility and feel hope for her future.

Instead of being in no-woman’s land Jen was on a bridge to what was next for her.

With this foundation of clarity and familiarity and a vision of potential and possibility to look forward to, Jen no longer felt the fear or stress of uncertainty. She was beginning to feel good, even excited about who she got to be and what she got to do in her new life.

I share this super simple but super transformative “I am…” statement tool – that brings you back into the power of the present to create your future – in the 3 Ways to Step Out of Stress & Struggle NOW Cheat Sheet. 


Often we believe everything is up to destiny, but you will learn with this strategy that there are things you can do to direct your destiny, that you are a co-creator along with the Universe and you hold great power to design your future and this strategy will help you do just that.

You will get this tool plus 2 other effective tools that will give you back your power to experience less stress and struggle and more certainty so you can BE the woman you want and HAVE what you want!

Access these tools HERE.   

*names and identifiers have been changed to honor confidentiality

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