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What Is Coaching?

Coaching is a healing and growth modality similar to counselling, therapy and psychotherapy. The difference is coaching does not include psychoanalysis of your past instead Coaching focuses on healing the situation as it is showing up in your life today. By addressing challenges in the present it has the effect of healing and releasing the wound of the past, without having to re-open the wound.

Coaching also provides you with practical life skills, strategies and tools that support the positive changes you are making and ensures continued progress and lasting change.

As a Relationship Coach & Life Strategist I take a foundational approach to supporting you in living fulfilled in your life and relationship by focusing on all the aspects of you; emotional, mental, physical, spiritual and energetic because the end goal of our work together is for you to be whole and healed and in full possession of ALL the parts of your Self so that you can show up in your life and in your relationship equipped to live, love and be loved well…fantastically well!

I incorporate metaphysic principles and energetic healing because they work. I’ve experienced far too much evidence in my personal life and the lives of my clients to discount the effectiveness of these methods to activate healing, growth and transformation.

However, I am a researcher by nature and believe strongly in having my feet planted squarely in the earth so I also need hard science, explanation, practicality and proof. This is why my approach includes mind, body and energy science as well as practical life tools, proven strategies and down-to-earth common sense solutions that support you in living empowered and effective within your Self, within your life and within your relationships.

This inclusive approach allows me to meet you where you are, provide guidance, insight, healing and actionable steps that are relatable and personal to you and your life and within your comfort zone. With my ability to bring levity to serious and even heavy topics you will find my approach to healing ensures your transformational journey is never onerous but rather positive, uplifting and always doable no matter what your situation or challenge. The old saying “Where there is a will, there is a way” applies but I like to add that “Where there is a will, an actionable plan and support, there is a way.” Coaching provides the way.

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